Regional Director, Jenny Anderson, is a DONA trained birth doula based in Bend and eager to support your next birth:

“How you want to feel during your birth is my first question, and the one that helps shape all other decisions you and your partner make."

Currently accepting mamas due in 2019 and 2020. We will travel throughout Central Oregon. Our standard price is $1,000 but we will accept trades and payment plans.

Services include two prenatal appointments, two postpartum appointments, and full doula support during labor. 

What does a doula do? A doula works for the client (not the doctor/midwife nor the hospital/birth center) to help her have the birth she dreamt about having. I work with you, mom, and the rest of your birth team: OB/midwife, nurses and partner to help you navigate your labor so you can focus on relaxing. Wait, did I say relax? Sure did! Just because society, media, maybe even family and friends make labor out to be the most painful experience of a woman’s life, it does NOT have to be torturous and that is where a doula helps! Having a doula will improve your birth experience!

Read the Birthfit blog: Do I Really Need a Doula if My Partner is Supportive? 

Contact me via the form below to set up a meeting to better understand how a doula can support you. It gives us a chance also to see if you feel comfortable with me. If not, I can help you find a local doula that you will jive with for your birth. First meeting is always free!


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Client Testimonial:

“Jenny Anderson was my doula when I had my twins- she was SO supportive and I was so glad to have her there for their birth! Would recommend her to any pregnant women no matter their birth plan or preferences!” - Kenzi K.