BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

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BF insta PN Series 02.jpg

BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series


June Series: 3rd, 17th, 19th, and 24th 6:00-9:00pm

This is a birth education series that meets over four sessions. We cover birth education and preparation as well as functional movement and mobility. We want you fully empowered, fully educated, and fully confident in your body and your baby and the journey you are embarking on. 

You’ll discover your own birth desires, make a postpartum super mom plan, and move naturally. You and your partner will role play various labor and delivery scenarios, learn movement and comfort techniques that will work for you as a pair during labor, and integrate your favorite relaxation tools into your pregnancy training.

We will dive into the four pillars of being Birthfit: Fitness, Nutrition, Connection, and Mindset.

Any stage of pregnancy welcome! 

Registration is open and space is limited to 5 couples!


Can I bring more than one support person? Yes, price is per expecting mom. Multiple support people are welcome to attend.

Should I take this class if I want an epidural? Yes, we will go over more than just coping measures (which are still helpful when medicated).

Does this class series support non-traditional families? Yes, we welcome all individuals and families who want to learn about birth.

Do you offer payment plan options? Yes, we do. Contact us via email for more details.

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